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Welcome to the world of Buggie. Where art, music, and surreal stories come together.

Meet Buggie: an artist, writer, and musician. Buggie is an art pop singer and songwriter with a focus on today's reality mixed with a healthy dose of the surreal. She's very excited about this project because it's her first time creating something that is entirely her own vision. Each song below has been written, performed, recorded, edited, and produced by Buggie. She's happy you are visiting and invites you to explore. Click on The Story to stay up to date with each chapter of her surreal David Lynch meets Dark Shadows world. Sign up for her newsletter below to become a part of the Buggie Club. Stay connected with her on social media. And most of all,  "Come close. There are many stories to be told..." in this strange, surreal, miniature world, full of Buggie's music and sculptures.

Buggie loves and appreciates your encouragement. It helps her feel on track, when so much of her process is being made up as she goes! Here are some ways you can continue showing your support: 

By the way, Thurston says hi.
(If you know, you know...)

Buggie is an art pop singer, songwriter, surreal sculpture artist, and writer from Ohio. This is her miniature world. When she isn't creating, she loves to watch something dark like the Dark Shadows original tv show, the Dark Crystal, or Dark City. She is a fan of tiny things and making miniatures. She loves David Lynch, Twin Peaks, The Fifth Element, Metropolis, Tim Burton, stop motion, Italian giallo movies, vintage clothing and home decor, miniature paintings, cupheads, super mario brothers, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, gluten free food, time in nature, Mike Patton, Pink Floyd, female producers, Grimes, Melanie Martinez, Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Rey, the 1960's, and self-help.Buggie is her first solo project and she has written, performed, recorded, edited, and produced all of it herself. She is learning as she goes. She is also learning about SEO and feels like she should add some words here like Buggie club, Buggie singer, and Buggie artist. Buggie pop. The best Buggie. Number one Buggie.
Maybe she will start showing up in Google searches but we'll see... She'll figure it out as she goes.