Buggie on the Radio

Welcome to the world of Buggie, the mixed-media project of artist, writer, musician, and producer Gretchen King. Buggie's music fits the art pop genre and follows in the steps of Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, and Bjork. She also pulls inspiration from The Prodigy, Pink Floyd, and the 80s.

Originally from Ohio, Gretchen spent time as a vocalist in bands, but she was eager to explore her own ideas in their entirety. For the last two years, Gretchen has worked toward creating something uniquely hers in the form of her first solo project. When she wasn’t at her day job, she was learning how to program drums, record her own vocals, and produce her own material. The result is a ten-track album that she has written, performed, recorded, and edited on her own (to be released later this Spring). She has also created a sculpted visual scene to go with each song. 

Buggie's world is just getting started. Be the first to check out her single "Ugly Truth" before it's release date (to be released March 20th) and explore her handmade world that has left one fan commenting  "Such a weird, displaced David Lynch vibe but in your own voice....this is perfect. Bravo!" 

Hi! Thank you for checking out my site. I am a multi-media artist and musician from Ohio. Buggie is my little world that I've made 

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